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How many times have you thought to yourself how great it would be to earn revenue – just by being social?

All u need is a Facebook account. The more friends you have the more money you will get. All u have to do is join advertising campaigns that you love and wait to receive your earnings. As simple as that!

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Yousaid it:

“ Within the first few weeks on Everyday People I started earning a revenue – just from being social!

I couldn’t believe it, I will be telling all of my friends, thank you so much! ”

~ Karen Ellis
Toronto, ON, Canada

Let’s get started!

Creating Advertising campaigns has never been easier.
Everyday People App allows business owners to create their own campaigns within minutes. All u have to do is a simple 3 step process

  • Create a picture of your campaign
  • Name the Campaign and write a short campaign detail
  • Decide where the campaign location is!

Why use our app?
your campaigns will be joined by real people with real friends!
Your campaigns are super cost effective. Starting from just $1 u can create a campaign.
Your campaigns are geo fenced to a distance of 25km so only people within that radius can join.
Our engine ensures that all the campaigns are kept posted for as long as your campaigns last.

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